So who am I anyway??

So, at last, I decided to take part in the overcrowding of the World on 30th September 1976. As you can see the picture on the right, I'm on the good way to reach the top of the World, I am nearly there :-))

Then I grew up, but one of my hobbies was always traffic and transport, as it seems on my hompage. Then I went to a school which doesn't exist any more where I became railway engineering technician. After these I have worked as an elevator planner at the rival firm where my father works :-)). Since then I have become a trolleybus driver, I have been carrying passengers since December!

Want more? Let's see! I can tell you about more hobbies of mine: railways (especially German), city transport (buses, trams, etc.), airplanes, motorsport (like Formula One), like to listen really heavy metal music from Paradise Lost to Pantera, Slayer, Venom, from the great Hungarian rock'n'roll band Tankcsapda (Tanktrap) to Biohazard and Pro-Pain, from Apocalyptica to Type'O'Negative everything cool, even young groups as Linkin Park. So as I like to play the same style also, or just making photos and videos (as you can see), and travelling... to fill this homepage by pictures...

I'm here:

This picture shows me when I'm just brushing my teeth :-)

On board a Graz-Wien Austrian Intercity train
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