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Have you seen everything? See
the freshest updates here, like
the page about my 2005 railway tour
or my new coverage of my 2003 trip
to Innsbruck...
Look at my photoalbum with galleries of trams, trains,
other vehicles of mass transit, airplanes...

Finally, DÜWAG or DÜWAG-licence made trams appeared on
Hungarian tramlines in the 21st century. The TW6000 (or the Bananas)
from Hannover in Budapest and the ex-Vienna E1 trams (or
Mozartkugeln) in Miskolc...
What else? For example a page about a former industrial
railway where I live, Vizafogo. Or my railway models. Or...
A few words about me...
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Title photo: UV motor car no. 3830 just before its very last round :-(
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