Locomotives class 1047 of MÁV and GySEV

The two main Hungarian railway companies, MÁV and GySEV has purchased new electric locomotives. A performance of 6400 kW (or 10 000 horsepower for a short interval), two voltage system (to be capable to haul trains on the Austrian and German networks as well as the domestic network), and the most succesful universal locomotive of our times: the Siemens ES64U2, as in Austria known as Taurus. 10 Bulls are MÁV engines, 5 are GySEV property.

See pictures of the individual engines here >>>

First of all, let it be here a coverage about the first home workday of the first Hungarian Siemens loco. It departed from Munich (München, Germany) about a half year after signing the contract at the end of March 2002. On 27th it hauled its first train between Salzburg and Vienna, the IC 649 (with the scheduled DB 101 hanging on its hook). A few days after it was in Komárom, Hungary.

This is where it was waiting for its first Hungarian train: in the morning, 30th March it departed towards Budapest, due to its official handover is going to be on 3rd April at Budapest Nyugati station.

It hauled the regional stopping train no. 3817. from Komárom to Budapest Keleti station, this became the first scheduled train in Hungary pulled by the Hungarian "Taurus" locos (note Taurus is an official trade mark of the Austrian State Railways ÖBB).

9.36 am.: departure with an eight minutes delay.

Arriving at Tóvároskert: 15 kph, passing a red signal.

Passing the Eurocity Franz Liszt in the opposite direction: Austrian loco with German coaches and a German loco hauling a Hungarian train with Slovakian coaches. :-) We also meet the Siemens Desiro display train of the Vogtlandbahn company, going back home to Germany.

At the rocks of Vértes mountains.

Before and after Budapest Kelenföld station.

Between Ferencváros and Keleti stations, once on the shadowy, once on the sunny side.

Arriving at Budapest Keleti station. At this time some of the international trains from Vienna were hauled by the ÖBB class 1014 (the Eurocities exclusively).

After arrival.

Left: the brakes, right: the scheduled locomotive.

Heading to its new home, Ferencváros.

In Ferencváros traction headquarters (depot and workshop).

The new kid among the oldies. Then the ceremonial handover was held on 3rd April 2002. at Budapest Nyugati station. You can see these pictures on the next site.

More pictures: the handover >>>

Text and photos by András Báti, except where otherwise mentioned (C) 2002-2004

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