I started making photos around 1990-1991. First only the usual things like my family, animals at home, then the unusual ones which I was interested in: traffic, namely railways. I got infected with tramway-photomaking, too, at the end of 1991. Then came the buses. Years after I became interested in flight, in airplanes. Then the breakthrough came in 2000: I started travelling to outlands, first because of the Hannover EXPO. Then, one of my old hobbies came back on surface: collecting railway modells, so that means I was on my way again. Now I don't stop for anyone: the pictures are being made...

You can see my photos, those which have been already uploaded to the net, systematized, below. Entertain yourself! :-)


Photos about tramways, city sightseeings by trams


Photos about railways and my travels


Everything which is other than the previous two categories, like airplanes


Trams in Hungary



VEKE-tour 2002

The best way to introduce as much of the Budapest tramway network as I can is to show pictures of an all-day-long special run around the town



Old tramcars appeared in town during the shooting of the film Fateless in early 2004


EM 6117

Budapest: Into the night with Eva. She's the track measuring car of the Vienna transport company Wiener Linien, and it has been working here for a few nights


Combino Budapest

A new era on Hungarian tracks. See these sites how the new tramtype appears... and how the old one disappears



...still to come...


Trams from outlands



Tramwaytag 2005.

Pictures about the 21st Tramwaytag, the Day of the Vienna Trams, spiced with some everyday snapshots from Vienna



The small thing which counts. A true story about how I managed to miss the tram. Branchlines: a legal alien, or a guest star from Germany



Night time snapshots from Graz, or what is the benefit of waiting the train for hours in a tramway town



The hush before the storm. Trams, trolleybuses and much more, across 1730 metres in height, a coverage of my 2003 tour in 89 pictures



Where size does matter. Many axles, additional middle sections, steep hills, a semaphore and a tunnel under construction. Branchlines: updated with later pictures of the tunnel works




Bad Schandau

A short afternoon trip to the Kirnitzsch Valley. Forest, single track, signalling stick, Gothaers and a switched-off waterfall



The long, the longer, the longest and the blue. An East German town which became like one in the West



Where have all KT4's gone...? Gothaer cars high and low, low floors in all measure. And a race to make the most possible photos between two clouds, without anyone would be in my way



Or the heritage of the GDR. Tramming around the ghostly town, on fields of closed and newly built tramlines



Trams in Gotha and the Thüringen Forest Railway. Among hills and forests: riding DÜWAG and Tatra trams. And no low floors of course!



The 100 year old tramway in Halberstadt. Real bombardiers, band, cheer-leader girls, iron wheels and crossing gates



Farewell to the Swabian: what remains in town in lack of the GT4's?



A visit in Hannover, the land of the Uestra company



Old trams and light rails, or tramcars in contradiction. Branchlines: Jena and the Gothaers: give these a chance! The two-axle oldies in action again



"Modelling" Karlsruhe. Recommended by 4 out of 5 tramwayfriends at least



A low-floor heaven. A flat town with interesting trams



A small town with big ambitions: Combinos and GT4's, track rebuildings and diesel motor coaches



Nuremberg without trials or master-singers. Low floors, large metros



Last days of the old





Trams of Bear Town, or: Trams, Bears, and more





...still to come...


Class 1047

Class 1047, as known as Taurus locomotives of the MÁV and the GySEV railways


Siemens Desiro

The new diesel motor unit car of the MÁV, the Desiro


Trains from outlands


Austria, LVE-GV

From Lambach to Gmunden: travelling on the local lines of the Stern & Hafferl company. A time travel to the lands of old vehicles and the longest horse-pulled railway line



The Crocodile-hunter tour part 1-5. Crocs, Bulls, Camels, Worms and other species, General Motors and Generals, whites with red stripes and reds with white stripes



The Crocodile-hunter tour part 6-7. 1500 tons, 61 permill: the Rübelandbahn


Tour 2003

My tour around Austria and Germany early 2003 had its own aims: to see diverse interesting tramway services and also a test ride on the magnetic levitated Transrapid




The last flight of the Hungarian Air Force Mig-21 aircrafts at Pápa airfield, in August 2000.

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