MÁV Siemens Desiro

The first examples of the newly bought Siemens Desiro diesel motor unit trains arrived in September 2003 from Krefeld. These will operate on the Budapest Nyugati - Esztergom railway line from end of September. Until then, they make their test runs all over Hungary, or -as seen below- they have a rest in the Nyugati Motor Depot:

Let's go in order: this is the twin-motor car no. 6342 001.

This is no. 002.

No. 003 is standing beside of them.

The second batch of Desiros arrived in Hungary early in the evening on 10th September 2003, in order: 6342 006 + 6342 005 + 6342 004. I met them at the Austrian-Hungarian border station Hegyeshalom, but I also met two earlier cars along the way:

Namely 6342 001 at Ács (on photo) and 002 at Györszentiván station during testing.

Around quarter past six in the evening I recognized the three new cars in the distance with their glaring front lights, then it stopped beside a Bzmot motor unit train which was going to Szombathely. Quite interesting that in lack of space they described the MÁV name and the order number on the lower glass-sheet of the windshield.

You can identify the toilet from outside, too, there are no windows :-)

The so called Jacobs-bogie, which supports two car-body halves.

There are no revision dates described, the car have not been handed over to the customer yet. I believe Kf must be the signature of the factory in Krefeld, Germany.

No. 005 in the middle of the train.

Afterwards they moved to the freight yards, it came to Budapest only the day after.

I met them absolutely by chance at Köbánya-Felsö station that day. You can see no. 004 at the end.

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